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PIR detector RXC-ST/DT


12m x 12m, 85°, 78 tsooni, paigalduskõrgus 1.5 - 2.4m, NC väljund häirele ja tamperile, tundlikkus: LOW/MID/HI, toide: 9.5-16VDC, voolutarve: 11mA(max.) @ 12VDC, mõõtmed: 93.4mm x 61.4mm x 46.0mm, töötemperatuur -20°C to +50°C

RXC-ST - Quad Zone Logic and pet tolerant - and the RXC-DT - combined PIR and microwave technologies - to complete the high performance, low cost Grade 2 family that started with the SAVER.
The new additions are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications and come with the same housing which enables an easy swap of PCBs if some PIR units need to be changed into dual technology detectors.

  • High density pattern to enhance catch performance
  • Quad zone logic, digital target recognition for small animal tolerance
  • Silent relay output
  • advanced sealed optics
  • advanced temperature compensation logic
  • EN 50131-2-2-2008 compliant
  • PD6662-2010 compliant Grade 2
  • 12m x 12m
  • 18mx 2.4m with FL-60N optional lens
  • RXC-ST – Grade 2 PIR detector
  • RXC-DT – Combined  PIR and micro-wave Grade 2 detector